Smart Mobility Solutions

Mobility TEK offers Sales, Service, Repair & Hire of Pull-Apart Mobility Scooters, Folding Scooters, Pull-Apart Powerchairs, Folding Electric Wheelchairs, Independent Living Aids, Spare Parts & Accessories on the Gold Coast & Tweed. We have access to brands such as Pride, Freedom, Freerider, Drive, Invacare, Merits, CTM & Breeze. We are part of the Dealers Alliance as such does offer heavily discounted prices on certain brands, and offers backup support for the products it sells, have an extensive range of batteries, tyres, tubes, bags, canopies and electronics. We also offer workshop repair and servicing of mobility products with modest collection / return and labour charges and also offer basic on-site repairs and servicing.

Portable Mobility

In our hire fleet, we have available small and medium folding electric wheelchairs / travel chairs, standard electric wheelchairs, plus portable folding and pull apart mobility scooters.




Why Rent / Hire From Us?

  1. We have a wide range of Portable – Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs, Electric Wheelchairs available in our rental pool
  2. We clean and sanitise our equipment
  3. Our technical team regularly maintain our hire fleet
  4. We are a call away when you need assistance (local hire only)
  5. We can help with accessories if required

Our schedule of rate varies depending on duration of hire

  • Includes comprehensive demonstration and handover (if required)
  • Delivery and pickup fees are subject to location. Special delivery and pick-ups can be arranged
  • Delivery and Pick-up to appointed venue schedules operated between 7:30 to 8:30 am and between 4:30 to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday
  • Delivery and Pick-up on Saturday are between 8:00 to 11.30 am (if pre-arranged)
  • Closed Sunday
  • For own pick up and returns, our Office is opened from 9:00 am – 4.30 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • For own pick up and returns on Saturday our Office is opened between 9:00 am  – 11:00 am (if pre-arranged)

Rental Options

Click here for brochure – PortaTravel

Click here for brochure – Companion

Click here for brochure – Luggie Standard

Click here for brochure – Solax Mobi

Clause on Travel / Portable Hire Equipment;

Overview; Generally we don’t have many issues with our hire equipment as we do our own maintenance and have a reasonable hire fleet of standard, pull-apart and portable scooters, powerchairs, rehab chairs etc. Our portable scooters and powerchairs have been on local and international cruises, flown to and used in different cities in Australia, as well as Asia, been one extended road and rail trips to different parts of Australia. We have had thus far had no major breakdowns that have not been able to be rectified remotely and thus far have not caused an major issue or have not had an adverse impact to our client or ourselves. In saying the above, on our local hires as this is predominantly our coverage area, we have had instances with our hire equipment tripping because of a battery collapsing, batteries failing to holding charger due to lifespan (it’s not feasible to run battery discharge test on every hire unit), battery chargers failing due to power surges, and thereafter equipment stopping because it has not be charged correctly, ignition keys being lost, flat tyres, punctures etc…

Terms and Conditions; We are hesitant to hire travel / portable scooters and powerchairs beyond our normal coverage area as we are not in a position to swap out hire equipment, if the equipment does developed an issue. Thus we have to have amended terms and conditions to reflect hires beyond our normal / local coverage area. This amended hire agreement, includes an undertaking or guarantee from the client that they shall first try and find a local entity to offer a quote to rectify any issue (if feasible) or arrange (at the clients cost) to have the hire equipment returned to us for repair or replacement or a combination of either resource to remedy any issue.

Bond / Deposit; We don’t normally take bond / deposit but have too for hires beyond our normal coverage area, this bond acts as a form of guarantee to be used if need to cover costs associated with the return of hire equipment, if in the event the hire equipment has to be returned to us by a third party.


For further information on sales, service, repair and hire, please complete our web contact form or email an enquiry to :-