Travel Scooter – Quest

$3,149.00 $2,845.00



Travel Scooter – Quest is an ultralight weight folding scooter. It weighs only 26.5kgs without battery and so is an ultimate product for travelling carry on mobility equipment. It travels a range of 20kms on single charge, equipped with a Lithium Battery providing it with ultra light weight and bigger range of driving. It folds up as easy as just one step.

Folding Scooter


  • Scooter Weight 23.5kgs without battery
  • Travel range: up to 20kms
  • It is equipped with a Lithium Battery which gives it, the lightweight
  • Has the leg room of a 3 wheeled scooter combined with the stability of 4 wheels.
  • Unique folding design
  • Can be stowed upright
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • 6km/hr speed
  • Lithium battery Pack weight is approx. 2.5kg

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